For a product to be uploaded to EasyPromo3D it must follow this process

1 . Product photographed from 6 positions by supplier or EasyPromo3D – for more details
please see photography guide

2. Photos are then used to build a 3D model at EasyPromo3D – this is called .ep3d file

3. 3d models are then uploaded to the visualizer and converted to flash

4. Flash models then have print areas, color options and print effects added to enable samples to be created

5. Products are now ready to use


Once uploaded products are available in the visualizer

1 . The visualizer is a flash application that runs in your web browser so is not available
offline or on iPhones/iPads (app is under development)

2. The visualizer has been tested in all modern web browsers and the only issue you may have is if your web connection is lower than 1mb or your network administrator does not allow flash

3. Once displayed in the visualizer window you can explore your 3d product using your mouse or the fixed point navigation keys. You also have the ability to zoom n and out of the 3d image

4. The visualizer allows the upload of the following image formats to create your virtual
sample jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, png, psd, pdf  & eps

5 . When uploading an image visualizer will always keep the proportions of the original
image within the designated print area. You can use the image management tool to change this later
if required

6. Uploaded images are stored in your own upload folder for future use – once uploaded
you can just click on an image to apply to a 3D product

7. Once uploaded you can also use the “Remove White” tool to remove all or part of the
background of any image

8. You may also change the size of any image or rotate it within a defined print area

9. There are additional tools to change the color of the image background and to
simulate the effects of different printing techniques

10. Once the sample created you can save to the sample manage or save as a flat jpg


Once a sample has been created you have various options on how it can be output

1. Allow Design Swop – this enables somebody accessing a sample to change the image
on the sample. It does not give them full visualizer controls just image swop with
“Remove White” options

2. Proof Approval – sets the sample up with an electronic proof form that links to proof
manager to enable electronic sign off of orders

3. Personalised – allows full visualiser access to a sample from a page embedded in your website

4. Neither – creates a samples without either of the above features

5. Auto rotate – will auto rotate the sample when accessed by a user

6. Allow Screen shots – this means you can produce a static image from any angle of
your 3d product and save to your local computer

Sample Manager

Once a product is saved in visualizer it is available in your sample manager. Sample
Manager enables the flexible delivery of samples to clients

1. Each sample can be delivered as a virtual sample or proof

2. Samples can be emailed directly from your screen with your own unique email signature
which can include your email address and contact details.

3. Samples emailed direct do not come from your normal address as email spam control
prevents us from successfully sending emails from domains not hosted on the server.
The default email address will be

4. If you want to use your normal email client then you can use the next tab in sample
manager “Links” which will generate a clickable URL that can be pasted into any email
website or document

5. Your third output option is “Embed” which adds oceans code to your sample link so
that it can be pasted direct onto a web page, catalog or email and will display without
the user having to click on a link

6. All samples created also have the option to be shared on Delicious, Facebook and Twitter

Proof Manager

Once a sample has been tagged as “Approve/Disapprove” it will be available in proof

1. Proof manager allows you to view the status of the proof and whether the customer has
signed off the proof

Integration Options

For more details on how EasyPromo3D can be integrated with your website or back office system take a look at our integration options overview

Hardware and Network Requirements

1. When you first click on a product in Visualiser the 3D model is automatically downloaded into your computers memory (cache) for that use only – this is cleared when you click on the next product or exit the application – the speed of your internet connection is a key factor in determining how long your 3D product will take to appear – minimum connection speed of 2MB is recommended

2. When the model has appeared on your screen it is the speed of the computers processor that dictates how easy it is to move and manage the model – 2GHz is the preferred minimum processor speed

3. Web Browser & Flash Version – all modern web browsers come with flash enabled. We strongly recomend that you are using both the latest version of flash and the latest browser software