Why is Easyproduct3D different from other 3D modeling options?
Because all the products are genuine 3D and not created from lots of turntable photographs you have complete control to move them with your mouse and zoom in to explore them from any angle. We have also developed a range of tools for the user that can be turned on or off on each model such as colour change, screenshot, social sharing, auto rotate on/off, change background contrast, statistics & reflections

How come it is so cheap?
To make 3D truly valuable we understand you will need it on as many products as possible so we have worked hard to reduce the set up costs and make it as painless as possible for you to get 3D products onto your website. By charging a small monthly fee for hosting and support we can afford to subsidise the initial creation of the models

What are the different presentation options?
Once a model has been created you have lots of different presentation options that are described in more detail on our technical page. However in simple terms you can either embed directly to your webpage using an iFrame or launch via a pop up window using a unique html link

Can I take my own photos if I want?
Yes – we only need 6 photos per product (even colours) – please take a look at our photo guide

How long does it take?
Between 7 and 14 days

Can Easyproduct3D be added to any website?
Yes – it really is very easy – please take a look at our website embed guide or help video. We have also developed an extension for integrating with Magento eCommerce websites

Does it work on mobile devices ?
At the moment the technology is based on Flash as this works best on all the main PC web browsers. However although flash works on Android mobile devices it does not work on iphones and ipads . We are currently developing a solution that will be available very shortly for these devices but are keen to make we do not sacrifice the overall benefits of the service

Can I try just a few products?
Of course we are happy to model up to 5 products as a test – if you are happy to pay a one off fee of £25 per product. You can then decide if you feel the service will benefit you longer term before comitting to the monthly plan

How do I pay?
All payment plans are month-to-month. Payments must be made by direct debit, credit card or standing order. All odels must be paid for in advance